Personalized Direct to Patient Care

No hurried appointments, no phone trees, no long wait times on hold, and no middle man.

Direct-to-patient care, focusing on each individual patient’s unique needs and concerns.

This is a model of medicine recently called “direct patient care”–it’s a return to the way medicine used to be practiced.

Insurance-free, direct to patient care with a focus entirely on patients.

Direct Practice Membership Benefits

Those who choose the direct primary care membership option will have:

  • Personalized healthcare
  • No “copays” for office visits
  • Minimal wait times for appointments
  • Direct access to your doctor–like having a doctor in the family
  • Discounts on labs, procedures and medications
  • Access to osteopathic and integrative root-cause focused care (discounted for members)
  • Quality board-certified physician care

For more information and FAQs about Direct Primary Care Membership, click here.

For information about enhanced integrative services, click here. You may also find information on osetopathic manipulation treatment, craniosacral therapy, or cranial electrotherapy stimulation treatments under the Services tab on the website.

To deliver the best health care directly to you, my entire practice is insurance-free. I am joining a grassroots movement of physician practices across the country that are emphasizing best patient care with the following benefits:

  • Patients first care model
  • Transparent and affordable cash pricing
  • All patients welcome, insured or non-insured

For information or to schedule, please contact us here.

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