Insurance-Free Model

Why is your practice insurance-free?

My goal is to focus care on YOU.

Insurance company goals are different. The decisions made by an insurance company are too often not based on your personal health needs, but instead on “population health” or profit margins.

To decrease their spending, insurance companies sometimes restrict care with “prior authorizations”, “care management requirements”, or “payment denials”.

How did health care end up here?

Being insurance-free allows doctors the freedom to offer the most affordable and transparent pricing for patients, to provide the best healthcare possible, to protect patient privacy and to focus directly on the patient.

It allows you the freedom to control where your healthcare dollars are spent and to receive healthcare at an affordable cost, knowing that your doctor’s attention is on you and that your personal health information is truly private.

My only contract is with YOU.

We physicians who are choosing to contract directly with patients, not insurance companies or government entities, are emphasizing best patient care with the following benefits: 

  • Patients first model of care
  • No outside interference
  • True patient privacy
  • Affordable, cash based pricing
  • All patients welcome!!!!

Patient privacy is a key benefit of direct, cash-based care.

In typical large system, insurance-based care, your information is easily “portable” to thousands of entities without your express consent, legally, in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (note: the P stands for Portability, not Privacy). 

HIPAA was not created primarily for your privacy, rather it allows for your private health information to be easily “portable” to particular “entities”. With HIPAA, your data can be shared without your specific consent. Read more in my blog on the topic.

Because our practice does not contract with insurance, we are not required to submit your private data to any third party, unless you specifically ask us to do so or if Triple T Health is subject to subpoena or search warrant.

With direct cash-based care, you direct any transfer of your records, because your records are truly yours.

Patients come first in insurance-free models of care.  We aren’t limited by the regulations and restrictions of insurance companies, who can be more interested in their bottom line than your well being.

Because of not participating with insurances, direct care practices are not obligated to collect your health data and submit this to your insurance company in order to get paid. Did you know doctors who participate in health insurance are measured by the percentage of patient compliance with various treatments? Payments are tied to these measures.

These extra administrative burdens require staff, time, and money, and often result in substantial intrusions on privacy of your personal health information.

By avoiding these reporting obligations to insurance companies, direct care doctors can spend that time listening to and helping their patients. Also due to lowering the overhead costs of participating in insurance, they can pass the savings on to you and a limited number of other patients.

Imagine: compassionate care with the focus on YOU, at an affordable cost.

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