Practice Fees

Direct Primary Care Membership:

Monthly Fees:

  • $100/month per adult
  • $50/month for children <20 in the household, with adult membership

Includes free visits and in office procedures, according to the fee schedule noted below.

A one time enrollment fee is charged to cover the initial paperwork of becoming a member. This fee is $100/member for adults and $50 for children, max $250 enrollment fee per family.

Enrollment fee and first month of service fee are due at signup.

Monthly fee is be charged at the beginning of the month of service. If a member chooses to terminate membership and later wishes to rejoin as a member, a re-enrollment fee will be charged, per the membership agreement.

Integrative Care Services: 

New Patient Package (Includes first 3 visits: initial consult, extended results review follow up visit, and first treatment follow up visit): $1225 (Current direct primary care (DPC) members receive a package discount)

Each additional follow up visit: $450

Osteopathic Services:

Initial Osteopathic Visit: $320 / ($120 for DPC members!)

Follow up Osteopathic Visit: $150 / ($75 for DPC members!)

Telehealth Services

Telehealth Visit (short acute problem visit): $175 / (free for DPC members!)

Additional Service Fees

EKG: $50 (FREE for DPC!)

Trigger Point Injection: $100 ($50 for DPC!)

Joint Injection: $100 ($50 for DPC!)

Alpha Stim session (cranial electotherapy stimulation): $60 ($30 for DPC!)

Cryosurgery: $75 (FREE for DPC!)

Lesion removal: $100 +pathology fees (FREE for DPC! +pathology fees)

After Hours Care

Medical care may be offered after business hours, dependent on availability.

For scheduling or for more information, contact us here.