Can HSA Funds Cover Direct Primary Care?

Many people ask whether they can use their HSA funds to pay for direct primary care membership fees. My answer has always been to verify with your HSA plan, but in most cases, patients have been told it is acceptable within their plan and submitted receipts without issue.

However, there are always questions about this, at all levels.

Direct Primary Care doctors have been working on answering this question, once and for all, at the legislative level for 7 years.

And finally–some success!! After 7 years of effort and nearly 5 hours of debate, the US House Ways and Means Committee passed HR5688 September 28, 2023. This bill confirms continued “HSA payments for membership fees for the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease” just like every other primary care practice.

DPC practices around the nation are rejoicing.

But the fight isn’t over: Please ask your members of Congress to support HR5688!!

I continue to advise patients to check with their HSA plan for a definitive answer, but we are moving closer to closing the book on this question.